December 26, 2018


As mentioned in my nutrition and food planning post in the planning section, I bring 100-150g of scroggin and 50g of lollies each day. My hiking friends all know about my ultimate hiking scroggin: the malteser or m&m + pretzel (maltesers are better but riskier in warmer weather). This surprising combination never disappoints an easily ticks every nutrition box. A beautiful discovery once when hiking in the Victorian Alps was when my maltesers melted around my pretzels to create a chocolate, malt, pretzel chocolate bar, possibly the most delicious thing I had eaten in my life! Probably don’t try at home, I doubt it translates off-trail…

Weight Description Carbs Protein Energy
100g Maltesers (50g) + Pretzels (50g) 74g 8.4g 1887kJ
100g M&M (50g) + Pretzels (50g) 70g 7.5g 1885kJ
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