September 13, 2020

Trail nachos (210g, 2571kJ)

Weight: 210g Energy: 2571kJ Protein: 18.4g

So this meal always seemed like a great idea, but too difficult until I saw plastic wrapped beans in a supermarket! The first time I made this dinner was on an overnight trip to Beeripmo (great 2 day hike just out of Melbourne), and I did not realise that my housemate had bought extra hot chilli flakes instead of normal chilli flakes. I had mixed the chilli with the seasoning when packing the meal instead of keeping separate and adding to taste. That shit was hot! But I had to keep eating it cos it was that or nothing, it was both horrible and hilarious (particularly to my mate). So word to the wise, particulary the first time you make, be sure you want that much chilli if you decide to premix…


  • I also tried making this with TPV fake mince once (a cheap, light, already dehydrated meat alternative), wasn’t a fan, but that is also an option for those keen to add extra protein.
  • If you have a dehydrator, dehydrating the kidney beans would significantly reduce the weight.
  • Tomato powder, though not a significant weight saving, is so much easier to pack than paste (and also cheaper). I buy mine from the Royal Nut Company.
  • Store oil for all recipes in a mini malgene (eg. 60mL) bottle
  • I’ve always wanted to try doing this in alfoil in a fire, or on one of those fire stove tops you get at some campsites, but unfortunately have never been prepared with the alfoil when that has been an option!

Detailed nutrition

Ingredient Weight Energy Protein Fat Carbs
Corn chips (mission are best) 45g 963kJ 2.8g 26.7g
Garlic olive oil 15g 516kJ 0g 0g
Red kidney beans 100g 580kJ 8.6g 17.9g
Tomato powder (or paste) 20g (25g) 82kJ 0.9g 3.3g
Spices 1g 0kJ 0g 0g
Onion flakes 4g 0kJ 0g 0g
Grated cheese 25g 430kJ 6.1g 0g

Ingredients (per person)

Bag 1 Sachet 2 Bag 3 Bottle 4
20g tomato powder 100g red kidney beans Cheese 15mL Garlic olive oil
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
Chilli as desired
4g onion flakes


This is more of a make as you want recipe. You can either cook the sauce first, take off the heat, and then add corn chips, top with cheese and just sit for a few minutes with a lid on, or cook with the layers of corn chips, sauce, then cheese (tastier if you can keep your stove quite low, but messier).

Option 1: Basically, just put bag 1 in the saucepan and add water to make it ‘saucy’, then add the kidney beans, mix, and just heat it up. Take off the heat, tuck the corn chips into the sauce, top with cheese, put the lid on and leave for a few minutes.

Option 2: Mix water into bag 1 to make sauce, and add kidney beans. Layer corn chips, sauce/beans, then cheese. Put lid on and cook (low as possible) til hot and cheese is melted.

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