December 25, 2018

Red Pesto Risoni (245g, 3121kJ)

Weight: 245g Energy: 3,121kJ Protein: 15.1g

This meal is delicious at the end of a long day, and worth the extra weight if it’s the only dinner you are carrying. It is the meal myself and my friend, Alana, take on almost every overnight hike we do together. Leaving a decent bit of water in at the end to mix with the pesto for a super saucy, close to soup like, consistency makes it feel even heartier. And the olives are worth every gram carried. I like the little 50g snack packets you get from the supermarket, which don’t have any brine and are a convenient size for one person. The pesto weight assumes 1 jar between two (can stretch to 3 people if you increase the risoni weight per person). Obviously, remove from the glass jar and definitely double zip lock. It often starts to leak out the first bag, but never had an issue with it escaping the second. I have thought of reducing the weight by making a ‘hikers pesto’, but I don’t think you’d reduce it by that much (maybe down to 200g), so I’ve never bothered and just accepted that it’s a heavy, but delicious, dinner.

Detailed nutrition

Ingredient Weight Energy Protein Fat Carbs
Risoni 100g 1520kJ 12.0g 1.5g 74.0g
Olives 50g 471kJ 1.1g 10.8g 0.7g
Pesto 95g 1130kJ 2.0g 13.9g 2.7g

Ingredients (per person)

Bag 1 Bag 2 Sachet/Bag 3
100g Risoni 95g Tomato pesto 50g Snack bag of olives

Gas required: Not sure, I have not tried making this at home.


  • Bring 300-400mL (per person) of water to the boil
  • Add risoni and simmer for 8 minutes
  • Drain some water if there is an excessive amount left, but make sure to keep a generous amount to mix with the pesto
  • Add pesto and olives, mix and serve

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