January 2, 2020

Ramen (147g, 2512kJ)

Weight: 147g (approx. 167g with egg) Energy: 2512kJ Protein: 17.7g (20g with egg)

I have tried using instant ramen before on a hike, in fact I always use it as my emergency meal, hoever have never found it particularly satisfying. Hence the thought to use some ‘heartier’ noodles with just the seasoning. Still haven’t thought of a good way to include pork, I tried pork floss but it’s too sweet, merits some more pondering!

I particularly love the black garlic oil tonkotsu ramen from the Nissin brand, I have very occasionally seen it in woolies, but can generally be found really cheap in asian supermarkets. If you want an egg, there are several options:

  • I have taken the risk and pre-hard boiled before but obviously this is very risky and I only did it on a hike where temps weren’t really above 5 degrees and it was only out of the fridge for a day.
  • Salted eggs (made yourself or bought at an asian supermarket) I believe have an out of fridge life of about a week (double check this though). I love eating these from the 711 in Japan, but have yet to actually try them in the ramen, just an idea I have had but not yet been able to try
  • Uncooked eggs I believe have a longer shelf life out of the fridge (though again have not tested this), and you can buy plastic egg cartons online to carry these in to minimise risk of breaking, and then boil on trail.

Detailed nutrition

I am basing this on the black garlic oil tonkotsu ramen nutrition info. Remember to replace the instant ramen noodles with actual dry ramen noodles. If you are including the egg, I would reduce the amount of noodles to about 90g. Note, however, this does give an increased weight with minimal energy increase (though much more protein).

Ingredient Weight Energy Protein Fat Carbs
Instant ramen seasonings 15g 576kJ 0g 15g 3.5g
Ramen noodles 130g 1885kJ 17.3g 1.7g 884g
Roasted seaweed snack 2g 51kJ 0.4g 0.9g 0g
Optional: salted duck egg 60g 444kJ 7.7g 8.3g 0.4g

Ingredients (per person)

All in one bag:

  • Instant ramen seasonings from instant ramen packet
  • 100g ramen noodles
  • 4 sheets roasted seaweed snack

Optional (kept separate):

  • Salted duck egg (or other egg option as discussed in intro)


  • Bring to the boil around 750mL water
  • Boil noodles for 4 mins
  • Mix in ramen seasoning (I generally like to drain a little of the water so the seasoning is not too diluted, as a rough estime lose maybe 150mL)
  • Top with seaweed and egg if using

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