January 6, 2019

Chia Pudding (a work in progress)

Weight: 85-90g Energy: 875-989kJ Protein: 6.4-7.0g

This recipe is still under development, as I have not managed to achieve the right ratios when substituting for coconut milk. There are 4 options as substitutes for canned coconut milk:

  1. Coconut milk powder, which can generally be found at a standard supermarket. This is the method I have used before but still not perfected the ratio (when the water absorbs the powder, it seems to limit how much it can be absorbed by the chia. I have yet to try this adding the powder in the morning after the chia rather than the evening).
  2. Coconut butter. To make coconut milk mix 2 tbsp butter into 34 cup hot water before adding chia seeds (from https://mommypotamus.com/how-to-make-coconut-milk-from-coconut-cream/ )
  3. UHT coconut cream. I have found this in 200mL packets before, which works for 2-3 people. 65mL packs also exist online if you are prepared to go that way, perfect for 1 person, but I have yet to find these in a shop. Combine a 65mL pack with 34 cup water, or the 200mL pack with 2.5 cups water.
  4. Another alternative is to use normal milk powder and milo for flavour.

This is one of my favourite breakfast ideas for hiking, as it is lightweight and doesn’t require cooking in the morning, I just need to do some more experimenting to perfect the recipe! The other thing is, you need to remember to prepare the night before. When I was hiking in Wilson’s Prom at the end of last year, I was making this for myself and two friends and didn’t remember til after I got into bed and one of my friends was actually already asleep. I ended up making it in the tent, trying to avoid having to leave my sleeping bag, and may have almost dropped the whole thing on her head…

I have based this off a recipe I found on Cookie + Kate. It is really up to you how you flavour it though, there are so options to play around with! The flavours I suggest here are the orange and vanilla recipe inspired by Kate’s recipe with an optional addition of milo to add a little extra energy.

I source my vanilla powder from the royal nut company, and orange powder from a stall at the collingwood children’s farm market. Alternatively, I believe you can make orange powder by dehydrating oranges and then blending them.

Detailed nutrition

Ingredient Weight Energy Protein Fat Carbs
Coconut milk powder 50g 293kJ 1.0g 6.5g 1.7g
Coconut flakes 2g
Chia seeds 25g 455kJ 5.2g 7.6g 0.7g
Vanilla powder/extract/paste 1g 50kJ 0.0g 0.0g 0.1g
Orange powder/zest/drink mix 2g - - - -
Freeze dried strawberries 5g 77kJ 0.2g 0g 4.0g
or banana chips 5g 109kJ 0.1g 1.5g 2.9g
Milo (optional) 5g 82kJ 0.6g 0.5g 3.2g

Ingredients (per person)

Sachet 1 Bag 2 Sachet/Bag 3
50g sachet coconut milk powder 25g chia seeds 5g freeze dried strawberries or
14 tsp Vanilla powder/extract 5g banana chips
12 tsp Orange powder, zest, or drink mix
2g coconut flakes
Optional: 5g milo

Gas required: ?

Water required: 220mL

Extra gourment alternatives: Use fresh blueberries instead of strawberries.


  • Night before: Mix coconut powder with (preferably hot) water until dissolved. Cold water will work, but the coconut milk powder won’t fully dissolve. Add chia seeds with flavouring.
  • Morning: Mix in fruit.

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