I much prefer making my own meal packs to buying pre-made meals as I can adjust to my desired portion size and flavours, in addition to them being significantly cheaper! These recipes are predominantly breakfast and dinner, and each meal has different requirements. I like my breakfasts to have a minimum of 850kJ (approx. 200 calories), and to weigh less than 100g. My dinners need to be a minimum of 2200kJ (approx. 520 calories), weigh less than 125g, and contain around 20g of protein. If it is only a 1 night hike, I don’t worry about protein, and don’t worry too much about weight, bringing heavier, more gourmet meals, weighing up to double the weights stated above. For reference, Back Country Cuisine Spaghetti Bolognaise has 1729kJ, 21g of protein, and weighs 90g, however I never find one of these meals sufficient for me and they definitely need to be paired with a dessert or other snack.

I try and make as much as possible of these recipes from ingredients sourced at your local supermarket, however there are a couple of specialty items which need to be sourced elsewhere. The main one is freeze dried vegetables. I buy the Campers Pantry brand (a Tasmanian company) for these, which can be purchased directly from their website or sourced at several outdoor stores around Australia. Just in case anyone was wondering, you can find freeze dried fruit at Coles and Woolworths, or other supermarkets, the main brand I’ve come across if ‘Health Attack CrispyFruits’. Any other specialty items I provide information about in the relevant recipe.

As a reference, I am a 164cm female weighing a little under 60kg, with a very healthy appetite. Portion sizes will definitely have to be modified to suit you. See the Planning - nutrition post for more information on planning nutritional requirements.