About Glamp Lite Oz

Glamp Lite Oz is a reflection of my approach to multi-day hiking in Australia. As an avid hiker but someone who is, I confess, at times a tiny bit particular about food and comfort, I have found myself unable to truly commit to an ultralight philosophy (I mean, that plus the total lack of funds it requires!). However, on the flip side, as someone who is also, again I hate to admit it, a little on the smaller side, weight does always unfortunately have to be a fairly major consideration in my packing and decision making on any hike longer than a couple of days. Thus my philosophy towards hiking is ‘lightweight glamping’; taking a light weight philosophy but with concessions to my comfort and bank account that add some grams here and there. Don’t get me wrong, this does still require you to fork out some dollars, but hey, I figure it’s an improvement on the potential thousands that can be spent on these things (though one can always dream…).

I started this website as I have always found it difficult to find information about hiking in Australia. I originally intended the site to be food focussed, providing meals which provide sufficient nutrition for weight but don’t compromise too much on flavour, and also don’t break the bank like buying pre-made hiking meals. However I decided to include content about my approach to other aspects of multi-day hiking as I thought it might be of interest to anyone who is maybe starting out with overnight hiking or is just interested in another casual hikers thoughts on hikes and gear generally. Often the information you need is distributed across the internet, or relevant mainly to international markets. I by no means intend to portray myself as an expert at hiking in Australia, and I encourage you to assess the relevance of the information I provide here to your own fitness and health as this is so very personal to every individual.

If anyone actually does come to this website and has thoughts or questions on posted content, or wants opinions/information on anything I haven’t as of yet posted about, please email, send a message via the contact page, or post something in the discussion. I would love any feedback of any sort, and to hear other people’s ideas. I am sure there is lots I don’t know and many things I haven’t even thought about before!

Finally, I want to add a shout out to Nick Tierney, a friend of mine (who also always loves a good chat about multi-day hiking gear). The website name was his idea, in addition to the advice on how to get a website up and running. Thanks Nick!

Happy hiking guys, I hope the information here proves useful to you.


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